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Saint Peter’s cult hero Doug Edert scores NIL deal with Buffalo Wild Wings, is the new king of March

Last week, the world was introduced to a little New Jersey private school by the name of Saint Peter’s. On Thursday night, the Peacocks delivered the first massive, system-wide shock of the NCAA Tournament, knocking out two-seed Kentucky. Then on Saturday, they backed that up with a 10-point win over a red-hot Murray State team, earning the program’s first-ever Sweet 16 berth while cementing themselves as the de-facto Cinderella of March Madness 2022. At the heart of the Peacocks’ sudden rise to prominence was 6’ 2” junior Doug Edert and his fop of Einstein-ian curls, which became as instantly iconic as the Jumpman logo.

Edert is not an NBA prospect. This year is first time he's played basketball on the national stage and it's likely his last as well. In years past, this would be a pleasant story. Something for Edert to remember and something for us to remember him by. In our brave new NIL-world, however, Edert has now turned his feel-good script into something slightly more tangible, securing the bag—the Buffalo Wild Wings bag, that is—while teetering atop the sports world. Check it out.

Huge props to this dude. We have no idea how much BWW is paying him to be their new face of March, but even if the currency is purely chicken, Edert is now rich beyond his wildest dreams. He’s diving into pools of blue cheese like Scrooge McDuck into his gold coins. He’s taking long sunset walks on the beach while waves of honey barbecue lap at his toes. He’s filling the tank of his Ferrari with pure unleaded mango habanero. For all we know his wallet is empty, but he is filthy stinking rich in spirit.

Here’s hoping Edert gets to ride this literal gravy train a little longer. Saint Peter’s face off against Purdue on Friday. There’s not a soul on earth who expect them to win … and also not a soul on earth who would bet against them. If the Peacocks do somehow overcome Purdue’s size and crash the Elite Eight, however, Edert might never have to pay for another chicken wing again.