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Russell Wilson is lobbying for these Seahawks throwbacks, and we need them like we need air to breathe

It's officially new uniform season in the NFL, and this year, the seamstresses are expected to be pretty dang busy. Seven teams are expected to unveiling new looks ahead of the NFL Draft on April 23rd. The Browns, Falcons, Buccaneers, and Rams are all anticipated to have at least one completely new uniform for the upcoming season, while the Chargers, Colts, and Patriots will debut some updated freshness to go with their dramatically overhauled rosters. One team that's notably absent from the list, however, are the Seattle Seahawks, and Russell Wilson just ain't having it.

In the words of Oliver Twist, PLEASE SIR MAY WE HAVE SOME DAMN MORE. If the Seahawks were to roll these bad boys out, they would immediately jump to the top of the NFL-throwback laundry pile alongside the Dolphins' Miami Miracle kit, the Falcons' black beauties, and the Patriots' Pat the Patriot tributes. Plus as an added bonus, they would completely upstage their NFC West rivals the Los Angeles Rams, who unveiled their new identity to almost universal hatred this week. Come on, just imagine Russ, DK, and the boys rocking these against the Niners next season? Your eyes would get instant cavities from all that candy.

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

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Seattle Seahawks v New York Jets

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Hell, we'd even settle for those clean whites.

Seattle Seahawks

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So will we ever get to see these PNW classics in the modern NFL? Time will tell, but as is usually the case with the iconic throwbacks we all clamor for but never see, the NFL's 2013 rule that all teams must use the same color helmet over the course of the season remains a sticking point. Here's hoping, for the sake of Russell Wilson and football fans everywhere, that the Hawks can find a loophole.