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WARNING: The new Los Angeles Rams logo looks like total butt

What in the actual f. That is the first response to the Los Angeles Rams' new logo, confirmed by the team on Monday afternoon. The second is denial. There's no way that something clearly made on Microsoft Paint by a six year old could become the fresh new face of one of the NFL's biggest franchises. The third, we assume, is acceptance, though we're not sure we'll ever get there. Honestly, something tells us you won't be warming to it anytime soon either.

No, the Chargers didn't switch their name to the LA Tide Pods and join the XFL 2. This is the actual approved logo for one of the most storied teams in NFL history whose logo hasn't (and hasn't needed to) change in fifty-plus years. It certainly seems like a bad misread on paper, but the internet, as the internet does, had a field day with it, so perhaps that was the point all along? Idk, just trying to make sense of the senseless here.

Rams? 8-8. These reactions? 16-0.

We don't yet know if this regional life insurance company/allergy pill logo will replace the team's iconic helmet decal or if it could possibly make the Draft hats any worse than they already are. All of these answers remain to be seen . . . provided you can pry your eyes open long enough.