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Senior Tour golfer impresses Russell Wilson with his arm at Seahawks practice

August 22, 2019

It's been more than 35 years since Brandt Jobe played high school quarterback in Oklahoma. At least, so he claims. Kidding, Brandt. As evidenced by the video you're about to see in which the 54-year-old PGA Tour Champions golfer impresses Russell Wilson with his arm, it's safe to say Jobe is a former signal caller.

I'm just still sorting through a recent series of events at Golf Digest where Chris Powers stunned everyone by saying he played QB in high school, and then backed those claims up by producing actual game film. (Apparently, Chris has a lot of time on his hands.) In the absence of any old Sooner state gridiron clips, Jobe's visit to Seattle Seahawks practice ahead of this week's Boeing Classic will have to do:

"OK, you slingin' it!" Wilson says before asking the senior tour golfer, "You used to play quarterback?" When Jobe says he did, Wilson says, "I can tell."

That's pretty high praise coming from a six-time NFL Pro-Bowler!

Impressive stuff, Brandt Jobe. Or should we call you "Brandt THROWbe." Sorry, that was Chris' suggestion. Just because the dude played a little QB back in the day doesn't mean he can't toss around some bad ideas. Anyway, Jobe enjoyed his time hanging out showing off for the NFL star.

"It absolutely exceeded my expectations," Jobe said of the experience. "Threw some passes with Russell Wilson. It doesn't get much better than that."

Good to hear, Brandt, but I hope you iced your arm down good after.