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This absurd stat shows just how good Russell Wilson has been . . . at Carson Wentz’s expense

September 30, 2020

If you’re a citizen of the sports internet and a regular viewer of ESPN, then you’re no doubt painfully aware of the non-stat stat—a completely arbitrary set of numbers pulled by some nerd in sports information for the sole purpose of supporting an argument that has no business being argued in the first place. The only quarterback to have over 237 yards of passing before the two minute warning of the first half while playing in domes in the central time zone. The lowest SLG percentage with runners in scoring position while a four-seed in the NL divisional round (pre-DH). You’ve been there. You’ve rolled your eyes. You’ve braced for the next one.

But every now and then, a non-stat stat pops up that’s just too juicy not to share. A non-stat stat that will not only troll the trolls in new and delightful ways, but that also highlights, however erroneously, the truth of the subject in question. Enter this absolutely bonkers Russell Wilson anecdote that made the rounds on Twitter on Wednesday night.

Is it intentionally narrow? Yes. Is it unfair? A little bit. Is it absolutely, knee-slappingly hilarious? You bet it is. But more than all that, it also reflects the disparity displayed between these two quarterbacks on the field so far this season. Thus far, the Seahawks—led by 14 Russell Wilson touchdowns to just one Russell Wilson pick—are 3-0, with victories over the Falcons, Patriots, and Cowboys. Carson Wentz, comparatively, has lost to the Redskins and Rams and drew to Bengals, watching on helplessly as his team punted the ball deep in OT to protect the tie. Is Mr. Unlimited 46 touchdowns better than Carson Wentz? Probably not. Does he make the guy some people still think is top-tier QB in the National Football League look like Matt Schaub? Yes, yes he does.

So take all this with a grain of salt. It is a thing you’re reading on the internet, after all. But if you can look past the QBR for just a second, you’ll find plenty of truth in the bullshit.