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Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2)

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Rory McIlroy enjoyed the Brooks-Bryson video more than anyone, according to Rory McIlroy

With Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka both missing from last week's Colonial field, the video we no longer speak of wasn't a hot topic amongst the players. Nobody was asked about it, and nobody offered any unsolicited thoughts.

This week at Muirfield Village, DeChambeau is in the field, and on Friday the topic could no longer be ignored as fans yelled "Brooksy!" in his general direction all day. Despite reports of numerous fans being removed from the property, DeChambeau insisted that wasn't his doing and he was actually "flattered" by the whole thing.

Naturally, the media on site at the Memorial began asking others players their thoughts on the whole saga, and thankfully one of those players was Rory McIlroy. McIlroy is not one to give a "no comment" or a "I'm just going to worry about my own game," but it would have been understandable if he skated around the subject entirely.

Screw that. Not only did McIlroy discuss it, he discussed it with glee.

"I sent Brooks a message last Monday morning when it all came out," McIlroy said. "I said, I don't care what happens to me for the rest of this week, this has made my week, this is like the best thing ever."

Strong agree, Rory, strong agree.

"Like it's fine, I think it's good for guys to show personality and pretty sure whoever leaked it from the Golf Channel got in trouble, I don't know if anyone's got to the bottom of that, but, hey, look, it is what it is, you're not going to, there's certainly people out here that don't like me, I'm sure and there's a few people out here that I don't like and that's, you know. That's life."

Fortunately for Rory, you could probably count the number of people that don't like him on one hand, if that. Bryson and Brooks can't say the same, which is sort of what makes the whole thing so captivating.