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Hate Hate Hate Hate

Rogue video of Brooks Koepka eye-rolling Bryson DeChambeau into another dimension taking Twitter by storm

Just as the dust began to settle on perhaps the most chaotic PGA Championship in recent memory, Brooks Koepka decided to (unknowingly) throw one more gasoline-doused log on the fire, one that has set Twitter aflame.

On Monday night, a rogue video from what appears to be a post-round Golf Channel interview from Friday evening somehow made its way to social media. In the clip, you'll see Koepka and Golf Channel reporter Todd Lewis in the frame, as Lewis waits for his cue to begin questioning Koepka. "Ready?" says Lewis, who then turns to Koepka and asks what he was able to do so well in his second round.

As Lewis was speaking, you'll notice Koepka is focused on something else, and whatever that something else is has clearly drew his ire. After Koepka's eyes almost roll to the back of his head, he begins answering the question, only to lose his train of thought as Bryson DeChambeau walks behind the interview. Have a watch for yourself (warning: NSFW language ahead):

Oh boy. We knew these two had plenty of history, but their so-called rivalry, which has yet to actually manifest itself on the golf course, had seemingly died down over the last year or so. That, apparently, could not be further from the truth if Koepka's facial expressions and F-bombs just at the mere sight of DeChambeau are any indication. Yikes. There's nothing playful about this one. It appears to be pure, unadulerated disdain. 

Two things to note - 1. It's safe to assume someone at Golf Channel leaked this out, which, is, um, not something you're supposed to do, and 2. that means Koepka likely thought he was venting in private, only for it to be made public without his permission. Then again, he does say "I don't care" at the very end, which is just about as Brooks Koepka as it gets. 

Last note - we have no clue what DeChambeau said as he walked past Koepka. Could it have been THAT bad to garner this reaction? Whatever it was, it looks like this rivalry we thought was dead is very much alive. 

UPDATE: Well, the fun police have finally arrived. The video has been removed from Twitter, but not before it was viewed 10 million times. Sadly, all we have now are the screenshots.