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Ron Burgundy will call Kings-Sharks on Thursday night. Next stop Augusta National?

Buckle up puck nuts, because on Thursday night, with the eyes of the sports world trained squarely on college basketball, one Ron Burgundy will join the booth for the call of the temperate hockey rivalry that is Kings-Sharks. Only Great Odin's Raven knows whether this is going to be spectacularly great or spectacularly terrible.

We don't know why Mr. Burgundy, avowed turtle neck enthusiast and native San Diegan, will call a meaningless NHL game in LA (apart from the fact Will Ferrell lives there and, as a celebrity owner of LAFC, is actively involved in the sports community), but the comedic possibilities do seem endless. Put him in the penalty box for a glass case of emotion bit. Toss stuffed animal versions of Baxter on the ice if someone scores a hat trick. Have him call Jim Fox "Veronica" until the Kings color man pops. The horn of comedic plenty is brimming at the very prospect.

From a Kings perspective, however, they'll do just about anything to put butts in seats at this point, marooned at the bottom of the Western Conference by a whopping 11 points. Despite some recent Razzie award contenders, Will Ferrell has always been able to do exactly that, so hopefully this helps to brighten the mood around Staples a bit. And who knows, maybe Ron will even stick around for the Lakers game on Friday. Gotta laugh to keep from crying, after all.