September 19, 2019

Reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes gets honored in the most Midwestern way possible


Thearon W. Henderson

Some day, there will be statues built in Patrick Mahomes' honor. After all, in his first year as the Kansas City Chiefs' starting quarterback, Mahomes won NFL MVP while breaking all types of records and taking his team to within a stupid offsides penalty from beating the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game (Ugh, that play still makes me sick to my stomach). Plus, the athletic marvel does things like this:

And this:

Ridiculous is right.

We've already seen Mahomes cause famed Kansas City BBQ joint Joe's to alter its schedule for him. But now he's being honored in the most Midwestern way possible:

Don't those look like giant rolls of toilet paper? Regardless, that's beautiful work. By the way, Kearney is known for being the birthplace of Jesse James so those people certainly appreciate a good, young gunslinger. (Insert "Ba dum tss" GIF!)

Again, some day, there will be statues of this guy. But for now, he'll settle for this.

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