True Love

Wife tracks husband’s location while he's playing golf, roasts him alive when she sees he’s in a bunker

December 04, 2023

It can be tough to see golf trash talk coming these days. Twitter, Instagram and TikTok have opened up a whole new universe of burns, roasts, shade and daggers. Then you have your real-life golf buddies and the less said about them, the better. With all that on your mind, the last person you expect to be dodging on-course haymakers from is your own spouse, but as poor sap learned this weekend, that's now in play as well.

Oh the miracles of modern technology. One minute this guy was enjoying a peaceful solo round, the next he was getting dragged across the concrete by his own wife … who WASN’T EVEN THERE. She literally checked his location, saw he was in the bunker and pounced. This is a classic “don’t hate the player, hate the game” scenario.

In the end, her ingenuity deserves a little golf clap and judging by the pair’s interaction, we’re guessing she gets as good as she gives. But there is one last pinch of salt in the wound. According to the beleaguered Reddit poster, he really was marooned in a bunker and after receiving the text from his wife, proceeded to blast his shot 80 yards over the green. Gee, thanks honey.