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Husband of the year streams Hero World Challenge at birth of first child, may be banished to the couch for life

December 04, 2023

There are a handful of times in a man's life where he has to use his sports-watching bullets. Massive playoff games your team hasn't been in in years, major championship Sundays in golf, matchups that have been dubbed "game of the century," etc. etc. These types of events supersede everything else that could be taking place, like Fall weddings or that dumb ugly sweater party you forgot you agreed to attend three months ago.

Sunday of the 2023 Hero World Challenge? Yeah, that ain't one of them.

And yet, one man boldy (perhaps insanely) believed the final round of the 2023 Hero World Challenge was one of these momentous events, which is the only way you could explain the fact he was streaming it during the birth of his first child:

OK, in fairness, we left out the part that Tiger Woods was back in Sunday red and black. But still, it's not like he was in serious contention. Then again, Woods is always must-see TV whether in contention or not. Was seeing him finish up at even par for an 18th-place finish in a 20-man field worth being possibly banished to the couch for life? Probably not, but we're not here to judge. Tiger Woods fandom is a different beast. Also, congrats to the happy couple.