Sad scene in Philadelphia, where the New York Rangers played a home game at the Wells Fargo Center Wednesday night

Thanks to a pair of magical runs from the Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia Eagles, all of us non-Philly folk were subjected to the nauseating "best sports town!" takes from September through February. Thankfully, neither team actually finished the job, though now we all off to ward off a Sixers run to the NBA Finals (LOL, good joke).

Before you get out your pitchforks batteries to throw at my head, I'm not suggesting that Philly is a bad sports town. The fans provide endless social media content because of their passion, but, after seeing a concerning scene at the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday night, you have to wonder if they're all just a bunch of frontrunners deep down.

What you're about to see is a Philadelphia Flyers "home game" against the visiting New York Rangers:

OK, allow me to get this out of the way now ... YIKES!!!!!

Now, time to go the "to-be-fair" route: the Flyers are a steaming pile of garbage this year. Season is over. Trades are about to be made. They're on to 2024. Still, for a supposedly big-time, extremely-passionate sports town, this is a rough, rough look any way you slice it. The Rangers are cooking and have a great fanbase that is more-than willing to make the short trek up I-95, but this is a full-on takeover you simply don't see in big-time sports towns no matter what the home team's record is. You think Eagles fans would ever allow the Linc to get taken over like this? Methinks not. Phillies fans, on the other hand ... 

Check the date. This was this past August, right before the Phils went on their run. Double yikes! At least Flyers fans have a legitimate gripe with the front office right now, and they're showing it by not showing up. When it's a New York team, or a Boston team, though, you just cannot let this happen. Tough times in Philly, to say the least.