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It's A Girl!

PGA Tour winner does baby gender reveal . . . with a baseball bat?

January 06, 2023

It's fun seeing athletes get into baby gender reveals. You just don't usually see them crossing over into other sports.

Such was the case, however, with PGA Tour winner Sebastian Munoz. Unlike other golfers like Sergio Garcia and Brandon Hagy in the past, Munoz didn't use a golf club on an exploding color ball. Instead, he used a . . . baseball bat? Yep, a baseball bat. Have a look (second slide):

Maybe Munoz's clubs are in storage until he starts the new season? Or maybe, like Brooks Koepka, baseball is his true love? Regardless, he got the job done after smartly taking that first pitch from his wife.

Hey, he could have used a fishing rod and the result would have been the same. We're just pointing out that it seemed to be a curious choice for someone who makes a living playing golf.

In any event, congrats to Sebastian and Daniela on having a baby girl on the way. And when the time comes for a babysitter, it sounds like Tom Kim could be your guy.