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PGA Tour pro executes baby gender reveal in most PGA Tour pro way possible

March 19, 2020

First things first, Brandon Hagy should be applauded for keeping things relatively simple—and more importantly, safe—for his baby gender reveal. The 28-year-old PGA Tour pro stuck to the ol' exploding golf ball to announce what he and his wife, Jay, are expecting. But he also hit the shot in the most PGA Tour pro way possible.

That's because the long-hitting Hagy also took a long time over the ball before hitting the actual shot. Watch as he goes through his normal pre-shot routine, lining up his feet just right and giving a full waggle before finally pulling the trigger:

We especially love the waggle, as if Hagy really needed to reinforce a proper backswing on a shot that wasn't going anywhere. Hey, old habits die hard.

Hagy had found a bit of a groove lately with that swing, making three of four cuts including top 25s at the Waste Management and the Honda Classic, before, well, you know. But even though there's no competitive golf in his foreseeable, preparing for the arrival of a baby girl should keep the couple plenty busy. Waggle on, guys.