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Here’s how the golf world dressed up for Halloween

November 01, 2021

Another Halloween has come and gone, and for many 2021 was a special one, marking a return to normality or, in the case of All Hallow’s Eve, abnormality. Tricks were pulled, treats were had, and ill-fitting vinyl bodysuits squeezed into once more. Even the world’s greatest golfers got in on the fun, breaking out their best alter-egos for the occasion. Pop another Reese’s Cup and check out a few of our favorites ...

What better place to start than with the Word Number One, Jon Rahm, who went as the Roy Kent to his son Kepa's Ted Lasso. Fun (and lots and lots of F-bombs) were had by all.

The AFC Richmond manager was a popular pick this Halloween, with Marina Alex also donning the iconic stache.

The Finaus, meanwhile, decked themselves out as “The Goon Squad” in anticipation of ‘Space Jam 3.’ The good news? It can’t be worse than ‘Space Jam 2.’

Keeping the dated basketball comedy references going, Justin Thomas dusted off the Jackie Moon flow for the festivities.

Other rapidly aging comedy references included Max and Lace Homa doing their best 'Bridesmaids' impression (that movie was released 10 years ago, feel old yet?) ...

.. and Annika Sorenstam going with the always-dependable 'Scooby-Doo' theme.

The Days kept us all on our toes, with the 'Power Rangers' / ‘Shrek’ crossover no one saw coming …

… while Paulina Gretzky surprised absolutely no one by going as a ‘Baywatch’ lifeguard.

Gretzky's evening did take an interesting turn, however, when she and Roger Federer, er, Dustin Johnson bumped into a familiar face. We’ll let you make your own jokes about this one.

Far from the haunted halls of Mar-a-Lago, Nelly Korda and boyfriend/Los Angeles Kings center Andreas Athanasiou rattled some bones …

... while Joaquin Niemann said hast-la-vista to itchy Spirit Halloween wigs and glue-on goatees with some help from the black magic known as Photoshop.

Last but certainly not least, Jena Sims, who dressed up as The GOAT himself earlier in the week, decked out her pup Cove in full fiesta gear. Queso not included. Sorry, Cove.