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PGA Tour Champions players produce the best pre-draft workout video

April 24, 2020

How'd the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft go for your team? Are you excited about next season? Whenever that is? Well, good for you, because you must not be a fan of the Giants, who never fail to never draft the best player available. Seriously, is there anything more boring than using a top-five pick on an offensive lineman whose best asset, according to Mel Kiper Jr., is his "pristine personal character"? Sigh.

Anyway, this virtual draft was one of the most hyped sporting events in history because there are no other live sporting events going on right now. Well, unless you count watching something called the Outlaw Tour on Periscope. But while there were plenty of pre-draft hype reels created by ESPN and combine videos for Mel and others to comb through, none were quite as entertaining as this one produced by several players on the PGA Tour Champions. Check it out:

There are a lot of highlights here, from Lee Janzen doing biceps curs with his two U.S. Open trophies to Brandt Jobe bragging about how quickly he can get ice cream from his freezer. Although, I'm not sure why they listed Brandt as an LB when he was QB1 in high school and recently impressed Russell Wilson with his arm. The guy can toss the pigskin.

But Bernhard Langer steals the show with a flurry of activity before finally flipping into his pool.


Dig the backyard, Bernie. The 62-year-old is listed as having a 4.38 40-time and a 427-pound bench press and we almost believe it. The dude is fit as a fiddle. Heck, he can probably put up more than that guy my Giants drafted. Again, sigh.

Anyway, kudos to these geezers for getting so into this. They're probably all laid up on the couch for the next few weeks as a result, but at least they have plenty of time to recover before their season resumes.