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Joe Burrow's decision-making being called into question over extremely early Buffalo Wild Wings order

NFL Combine - Day 3

Joe Robbins

After the first two picks--Joe Burrow and Chase Young--Thursday night's NFL Draft is expected to be chaotic. The virtual aspect of the selection process has only confused things further, and the potential for teams like the Miami Dolphins or L.A. Chargers to trade up for a quarterback could lead to shit really hitting the fan. But one thing is certain: Burrow goes No. 1 to Cincinnati, Young goes No. 2 to Washington. No debate.

Or is there? What seemed like a sure thing no longer does after Burrow tweeted out an innocent #ad for Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday afternoon at exactly 2:19 p.m. The caption: "Food secured from my hometown Athens, Ohio @BWWings ahead of the big night. Let's go!'

Naturally, there have been takes. Why so early, Joe? Is this for lunch? If it's for dinner, isn't the food going to get cold? Do I want someone with no sense of time leading my NFL football team? Are the Burrows having a get-together of more than 10 people during the quarantine? These are all very valid questions. There are a number of possible scenarios that I've outlined below:

Scenario 1: Burrow is pre-recording his draft celebration, already with the knowledge he's been selected first overall. So they got the food, got the ad over with and got the celebration process over with. Now he can just enjoy the night.

Scenario 2: The Burrows eat dinner extremely early. I'm talking Sunday dinner at my Italian fiancee's parents house early. But even earlier than that.

Scenario 3: The Burrows are cognizant of the fact that restaurants have a ton of takeout orders right now, and they can't be wasting valuable time dilly-dallying with long wait times or a late delivery later in the night. That could be why Burrow used the word "secured," as if to say he accomplished a mission, getting the food into the house and not having to worry about it at a crucial moment later in the night, like the moment he gets drafted. Now they can simply heat it up when it's time to eat. The fries may be soggy but the wings will be just fine. Hot, lukewarm, cold, it doesn't matter, wings are always good.

Scenario 4: Joe has absolutely no idea what time it is, understandable given the current situation. No one knows what time it is or what day it is. What's up is down, what's left is right and what's dinner is now a 2 p.m. brunch. If Burrow is asked about it, this is the answer he should go with. People would sympathize.

Scenario 5: The internet is completely overreacting to Joe Burrow tweeting out a harmless Buffalo Wild Wings ad on NFL Draft Day because that's what the internet does and we have absolutely nothing better to do right now. If this draft doesn't start soon I'm going to lose my mind reading another mock draft.

After careful consideration, scenario 5 is most likely true.