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Champions Tour golfers recreate popular GIFs, and the results are surprisingly entertaining

November 06, 2019

Jon Stewart eating popcorn. Leo DiCaprio holding a martini. Blinking man. All are popular—maybe too popular—GIFs that convey our feelings or "MOOD:"s as we move closer to a world in which people never have to interact in person or even use actual words. (Admittedly, I'm part of the problem, having created an entire document of acronyms for our staff—like "LIU" for look it up or "IAHN" for it's all happening now—to use on Slack to be more efficient.) But now these visual cues are connected in another way.

They've now all been recreated by Champions Tour golfers. And the results were surprisingly entertaining.

Whoever at PGA Tour Champions headquarters came up with the idea to have several players from Bernhard Langer to Colin Montgomerie do this deserves a raise. The release of the senior tour's schedule for 2020 probably wasn't going to go viral, but this? Well, it probably won't go full-blown viral, but at the very least, Golf Twitter seemed to enjoy it. See for yourself:

It's tough to narrow it down to one favorite, but Darren Clarke's martini Leo is tough to beat. If anyone can pull that off, it's golf's answer to Sean Connery. Woody Austin's excited Jonah Hill and Miguel Angel Jimenez doing a playful Shaq shoulder roll were also great.

Then again, so was Jimenez's "kissing with the tongue or without the tongue" line. Come to think of it, Miguel is a man with a few GIFs of his own up his polo sleeves. . .

Let's see Shaq or Leo try to pull any of those off.