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First-round pick's mother TOSSES girlfriend out of the camera frame in draft clip of the night

Because the NFL Draft was all virtual, there was ample opportunity for hilarious, unscripted moments to happen inside of each draft pick's living room. Normally, only a handful of first-rounders are home for the draft, while the rest go on stage, throw on their new team's hat and shake hands with Commissioner Roger Goodell. But on Thursday night, all 32 picks were at home and all 32 zoomed in.

The best moment of the night appeared to come from the living room of Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, who had the biggest microscope on him since he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. In a clip that now has over 4 million views, you'll see a woman who we assume is Lamb's girlfriend take one of his two phones from his hand, only for Lamb to snatch it back in a millisecond:

I guess we should clarify that this woman was his girlfriend. There's simply no way this relationship made it through the night, though Lamb did his best to deflect:

For casual viewers who clocked out around pick 20, this was easily the best moment of draft night. But the hardcore sickos who stayed up until midnight were treated to an even funnier moment at the very end of the first round. With the 29th pick, the Tennessee Titans selected Georgia offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson, who was overcome with emotion as he put on his new Titans hat. As that was happening, Wilson's girlfriend (again, we're assuming) seized the moment and began hugging Wilson right in the center of the camera shot. Wilson's mother was not having it, first lightly tapping her to move and then doing it by brute force:

Oh man, pray for that poor girl. She got TOSSED by mom. That was the most "this is not about you" toss out of the frame we've ever seen. NFL Draft night is a night when dreams come true, unless you're a first-round picks girlfriend, apparently.