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PGA Championship 2023: Phil Mickelson, Collin Morikawa combine to create golf's latest meme—and Golf Twitter had plenty of jokes

May 17, 2023

The PGA Championship champions dinner may not be as well-known as the Masters one, but it also has a strong history that dates back to 1965. Lucky for the guys back then, though, they didn't have to worry about becoming a social media meme.

That's not the case for Phil Mickelson and Collin Morikawa, whose candid interaction while en route to the Justin Thomas-hosted shindig was caught on camera. Before catching fire on Golf Twitter.

First, here's a look at the photo, which is also noteworthy because of the two people, Rory McIlroy and Jay Monahan, walking in front of Mickelson. The six-time major champ turned LIV Golf star has clashed numerous times with the PGA Tour commissioner in the past year. And McIlroy made sure Netflix's cameras included him saying, "F--- you, Phil!" in the Season 1 finale of "Full Swing." Awkward!

But back to what we're focusing on today. A decade after the great #Dufnering craze we may have a #Mickelsoning situation with Phil, glass of red wine in hand, suited up and looking in full sales-pitch mode. If you have a buddy wearing a suit and looking completely disinterested, you have a heckuva two-man Halloween costume. Anyway, here are some of the best tweets we saw on Golf Twitter in response:

Some good crypto jokes in there, but surprised there weren't more with a gambling angle. Not that crypto isn't a gamble.

OK, that's better. In any event, Collin looks like he must have been thankful for that drink.