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Dustin Johnson's final PGA Championship prep includes giving Paulina Gretzky a late-night golf lesson

May 17, 2023

Dustin Johnson has a busy week on tap as he tries to win a third major and defend LIV Golf's honor at Oak Hill. But he still found time to give his wife, Paulina Gretzky, a golf lesson on Tuesday night. Aw, what a guy!

Unfortunately, we don't have much detail other than that because the quick video shared on Paulina's Instagram story doesn't have any volume, but we still learned a couple things:

1.) Paulina apparently plays golf left-handed now. (And practices in socks.)

2.) DJ's Rochester rental home is pretty sick.

Anyway, here's a look:

Again, not much to see there as DJ makes sure the simulator sensor is on before stepping away. And then the video stops before Paulina makes a swing. Maybe her new(er) lefty move isn't quite Instagram-ready quite yet.

DJ naysayers will claim this shows his head isn't in the right place this week, but we argue otherwise. For one, the two-time major champ is coming off another LIV Golf win so he's feeling pretty good about his own swing. And for another, he rented a house with a simulator! So for all those backing him (At 30-to-1 odds?! Hand up right here.), do with this info what you will.