PGA Championship 2023: Jim Nantz takes (another) subtle dig at LIV Golf when announcing Dustin Johnson tee shot

During the completion of the third round early on Sunday morning of this year's Masters, Jim Nantz appeared to take a subtle dig at LIV Golf. At Augusta National's par-5 15th, Brooks Koepka's ball came to rest in one of the crosswalks for patrons, which Nantz referred to as "the CW."

This instantly made waves on Golf Twitter because LIV and the CW became broadcast partners earlier this year, which led to a number of hilarious "One Tree Hill"-related jokes. So everyone assumed Nantz was "taking a shot," so to speak. "There it is, right on the CW," Nantz said on the Masters broadcast, pausing then adding, "The crosswalk."

During an appearance on Jimmy Traina’s "SI Media With Jimmy Traina" podcast not long after, Nantz said he was shocked by the reaction, clarifying that it was "definitely not a shot," though he admitted he was "maybe being a little cheeky." 

Fast forward to Thursday at the PGA Championship and it appears that cheeky Jim Nantz is all the way back, hitting LIV with yet another subtle dig as Dustin Johnson teed off at Oak Hill.

"Not sure if you had a chance to see it, but [Johnson] was a winner last week in Tulsa, in a playoff over Cameron Smith and Branden Grace," Nantz said. Spicy!

In fairness to our guy Jim, the legend of all legends, he could and very well might explain this one away as "people may not have seen it." It's true. It was Mother's Day, Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals was on, the CW is hard to find for some and there was a ton of other golf on. OH, and, there's was that whole little thing where the CW literally switched away from the playoff in a number of markets across the country. With all that in mind, "not sure you had a chance to see it" is a fair assessment. 

But..... *Tony Romo voice* I dooonnttt reallllyyy knowwww hereeee Jimmmmmmmmmmmm. That's two "cheeky" little jabs, both at the majors when all eyes are on the broadcast and all ears can hear Nantz, which he knows. Luckily for Nantz, he's (smartly) not on Twitter and won't hear about any chatter/backlash from LIV bots until much later this evening and possibly not until next week.