Red, white, and blue ribbon

PBR is releasing a 1,776 pack to celebrate the Fourth of July (because America was founded in 1776, try to keep up)

Remember those blurry college nights toting a couple 30 racks back from the gas station that didn’t check IDs? (Don’t answer that). Remember PBR’s 99 pack, followed soon after by Natty Light’s 77 pack? Well, America, those days are done, dusted, obsolete. Merely foreplay for what Pabst Blue Ribbon are quite literally rolling out this Fourth of July. Proud patriots and beer drinkers, feast your eyes on the 1,776 pack!

Right about now you’re probably wondering “but why?” Resist the urge. Some questions aren’t meant to have answers. America was born on July 4th, 1776. PBR has somehow crammed 1776 beers in a box. That’s really all you need to know. PBR, meanwhile, came into existence in 1884. Why not do an 1884 pack? Would that be overkill? How would George Washington feel about all of this? Is Ben Franklin a shotgun guy or a funnel guy? Queries we may ponder may ponder until 2776.

There is one thing we know for certain, however: As cool as it is (and as bad as you want it), it’s mostly a publicity stunt. PBR has packed up and shipped four of these behemoths to “official partners,” who will then film their epic adventures as they drink their way through the biggest damn beer case known man. Unless you’re invited to one of those official partner’s backyard barbecues this weeknd, you’re probably SOL.

But hey, look on the brightside: If you buy 60 30 packs and one very big box, you can make your 1,776 pack. Say what you want about America, but pointless ingenuity is what we do best.