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Sound Up

The Norwegian booth delivered their most unhinged call yet after Viktor Hovland’s BMW Championship 61

August 22, 2023

Nobody—and we mean NOBODY—gets up for a Viktor Hovalnd dubya quite like the Norwegian broadcast booth. With each passing win by the Oslo-born PGA Tour pro, the Arcadian announcers have gone crazier and crazier, crescendoing on Sunday as Hovland fired a course-record 61, including a Looney-Tunes-eyeball-bulging 28 on the back nine, to clinch the BMW Championship. When Hovland's final putt clunked into the bottom of the cup, the Norwegian booth exploded like a Mentos in a Coke bottle in a truly unforgettable (and largely unintelligible) outpouring of joy. Sound to eleven.

As the wise old sage Ron Burgundy once said: GREAT ODIN’S RAVEN! You have to love their passion for their fellow countryman and the yin-yang of the pair is hilarious. One loses his mead-loving mind, going in for a bear hug, bellowing “HOLY! … I WANT TO SCREAM THE WORST WORDS I’VE GOT!” while his broadcast partner sits in stunned silence, unsure how to rationalize or contextualize what he has just seen (one of the greatest back nines in PGA Tour history, to be clear).

Like we said, these two have delivered plenty of fireworks over the years but this was easily their best work yet. Now all that’s left is Hovland’s major breakthrough. If and when that happens, run for cover, but it’s going to be raining thunder and lightning from the Norwegian booth. That much we guarantee.