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The Norwegian call of Viktor Hovland's Memorial win featured a hilarious 'bear hug'

"From OSLO to OHIO!" was a classic Jim Nantz call on Sunday at the Memorial Tournament, where Norway's shining star, Viktor Hovland, claimed his fourth PGA Tour title. The first thing on our mind's after the final putt dropped, however, was how soon we could hear the Norwegian call of Hovland's final putt. Sorry, Jim.

Ever since Hovland's maiden win at the 2020 Puerto Rico Open, the Norwegian play-by-play calls of his victories have become the stuff of legend. Per Haugsrud and Henrik Bjornstad, Norway's version of Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery, simply never miss. Here was their call from Sunday just after Hovland's tournament-sealing putt dropped in a playoff against Denny McCarthy:

"What a guy!" "The edge of the hole is our new friend!" Not even Jack Edwards could match this level of homerism. You truly cannot find two bigger Hovland fans on the planet. 

And remember, this is just another regular PGA Tour win, though it is by far the biggest of Hovland's career, and, surprisingly, his first on U.S. soil. Can you imagine these two when and if he wins a major? They both might spontaneously combust. They nearly did a few years back in P.R.:

At 25, Hovland's just getting started, meaning we'll be hearing a lot more of Haugsrud and Bjornstad. We're not complaining.