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Noah Syndergaard is getting more ripped than a Norse god, what could possibly go wrong?

January 14, 2020
Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 2.31.47 PM.png

The last time we saw Thor, he was looking little rough. No, we're not talking about bearded, buddha-bellied Avengers: Endgame Thor. We're talking about his Flushing doppelgänger Noah Syndergaard, who finished a bumpy 2019 with a 4.28 ERA and 1.234 WHIP, both career highs. But don't worry, red-blooded baseball fans of America, this is the part of the program where we get to the good stuff, and the good stuff is this video of Noah Syndergaard getting absolutely Marvel-movie shredded ahead of the 2020 MLB season. We don't care who you love, how you identify, or what you're into, if this video doesn't move the, ahem, needle, then you're probably lying in a drawer at the county morgue.

On the MLB ripped-o-meter, it's now Eric Thames, Noah Syndergaard, and everybody else. Sorry not sorry, Yankees fans. Aaron Judge is big boned. It just ain't the same. Speaking of big-boned, it's now time for your mandatory reminder that Syndergaard once looked like this.


Puberty is a four-letter word for a female dog, let me tell ya.

Mets fans, meanwhile, will be happy to see one half of their dynamic pitching duo looking Gaston-level yolked . . . with one notable caveat: Mets fans are never happy. Cosmic law decries it. In fact, the last time we saw Syndergaard looking this ready to go, he partially tore his right lat in a 23-5 loss to Nationals in May of 2017 and went on to pitch just over 30 innings that season. We're not saying history is doomed to repeat itself, but you wouldn't be a Mets fan if you weren't thinking it . . .