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Meet the mess: The best backpages in New York Mets history

June 24, 2019

Meet the mess, meet the mess, step right up and meet the mess. It's a joke as old as time (or at least the Wilpons) for the New York Mets, one of American sports' most hilariously calamitous franchises—the Moe to the Detroit Lions' Curly, if you will. But no Mets debacle—from Bobby Bonilla pension payments to Yoenis Cespedes ranching mishaps—is complete without the perfect New York backpage to go with it, a fact emphasized on Sunday night as news of a skirmish between manager Mickey Callaway, pitcher Jason Vargas, and Newsday beat reporter Tim Healey began to spread following an 8th-inning collapse against the Cubs. By the wee hours of Monday morning, the sports world was graced with its new Sistine Chapel.

You might think a backpage that good only comes a long once a lifetime, but don't worry. As the history of both the Mets and New York's rabid, frothing sports mob prove, there's plenty more where that came from...

How much time do you have?

The headline so nice...

...they ran it twice.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The more things change...

What can we say, the man was a goldmine.

And finally, the backpage that started it all. Just a hunch, but Jones probably sucked.