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Nike’s “Lobstah” golf shoes are making a splash at the U.S. Open

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Warren Little

On Monday morning at the U.S. Open, Rory McIlroy stepped out at The Country Club sporting an unreleased pair of Nike shoes that caused more than a few rumblings on Twitter. Fans were intrigued by the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NXT model, which gives a nod to the greater New England area just in time for the 2022 U.S. Open in Brookline, Massachusetts.
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In bold red letters, the bottom of one shoe reads “Lobstah,” poking fun at the typical New England coastal accent. On the other shoe, a Nike swoosh is disguised as the beloved cold-water seafood. The gel-like material that makes up the outsole of the shoe is perhaps the coolest detail, as its transparency gives the effect of ocean water.

The upper of the shoe features a red highlight on the toe box, a blue nike swoosh, and pin-striped shoelaces. The entire look of this model fits right in with this week’s major championship setting.

Nike is also releasing an Air Max 90 G model in the same colorway, with a mint green outsole and similar red and blue accents to the Air Zoom Infinity version. Although the Air Zoom Infinity is almost sold out, the Air Max 90 G is still available on