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LSU AD calls Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher “two hillbillies fighting”—this just keeps getting better

Folks, the greatest soap opera isn’t on daytime TV. It’s not a telenovela. Your aunt doesn’t watch and it’s been on even longer than ‘General Hospital.’ It’s a little thing called SEC Football, which aired one of its most ridiculous episodes yet two weeks ago when Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher got to jawin’ about alleged recruiting improprieties on the short side of Memorial Day. If you’re one of the six people on earth who didn’t witness their petty potshot-palooza, here you go.

Conveniently enough for the sports rubberneckers of America, the tiff led straight into the SEC Coaches meetings this week, where Saban and Fisher were both seated at the same table. Even as SEC officials casually floated the idea of pulling out of the CFP and starting their own SEC-only postseason tournament, all anyone could talk about was whether or not Fisher and Saban had bumped into each other in the cafeteria line. When asked about their brewing discord, however, both swore up and down that it was in the past.

Or at least it was in the past until LSU AD Scott Woodward joined ‘The Paul Finebaum Show’ on Wednesday and turned the one-on-one heavyweight bout into a full-blown royal rumble.

Hoo doggy, nothing stirs the pot like calling two of your biggest rivals West Virginia hillbillies live on the Worldwide Leader, especially after hiring the drawl of them all last winter. Where this goes from here is anybody’s guess. World War III? De-escalation via mutually assured destruction? All TBD, but we can’t wait to find out.