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Just a Little Patience

Ol’ media-hatin’ Nick Saban was back for his Cotton Bowl press conference. Prayers up for Cincinnati

December 30, 2021

Folks, we hate to break it to you, but it is O-V-A over in Dallas. Thursday was Cotton Bowl eve, and Nick Saban plunked down at the podium to field questions from the media about Alabama’s upcoming College Football Playoff semifinal against Cincinnati. In recent years, we have seen a (slightly) kinder, (somewhat) softer Nick Saban. He has praised the media. He has smiled a bit more. There haven’t been any unsolicited rants on pre-ripped jeans or other societal boogeymen. Like whiskey, age mellows a man.

Unfortunately for Cincinnati, that Nick Saban was nowhere to be found on Thursday.

Hoo doggy. You can always tell how big a game is by how cantankerous Saban is with the media, and from the sound of things, Friday night is going to be a HUGE one for Saban and co. He’s been stockpiling the grumpies all season, and he’s about to take them all out on poor Cincinnati. Light a candle for the Bearcats, because this could get ugly.

According to DraftKings, Alabama are currently a 13.5-point favorite over Cincinnati, but Saban won’t be satisfied with that. He’ll want it wrapped up by halftime. He’ll want to send the Bearcats back to Ohio trembling and shellshocked just like he did the Buckeyes last year—just like he did to the poor reporter who made the mistake of asking him about patience. I DON’T HAVE NO DOGGONE PATIENCE SO QUIT ASKING, AIGHT?