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Pranks and Pucks

Since hockey is now cancelled, this Anaheim Ducks holiday prank video will have to do

December 21, 2021

Monday was a tough day to be a hockey fan. Citing mounting COVID-19 cases across the league, the NHL announced an extended holiday break, postponing the five remaining games scheduled between December 22nd and 26th. While only a brief intermission, at least as it currently stands, the extended holiday break will be made up over the scheduled winter break in February, which some had hoped would be used to allow players to play at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. In tandem with that announcement, thus came confirmation of the inevitable, with the NHL and NHLPA formally announcing players will not be granted leave to play for their countries on the world's biggest hockey stage this winter. Like we said, a tough day across the board.

But if there was a little silver lining to come out of this disease-ridden cavalcade of bad news, it came in the form of the Anaheim Ducks, who released this hilarious holiday prank video to help brighten spirits league-wide. Grab a nice stiff glass of eggnog and check it out.

Frankly, this could have gone very, very wrong and we could be reporting the death of young American phenom Trevor Zegras today. Thankfully, however, he pulled through this terrifying ordeal and we can now point and laugh as intended ...


This probably won’t keep hockey heads sated for very long, especially considering half the Ducks either didn’t flinch or sniffed it out right from the start (pucks guys, amirigte), but for now it's a nice distraction from the horrors of the hockey world and beyond.