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This dad's hilarious golf prank should go directly into the Dad Golf Prank Hall of Fame

Before social media became a breeding ground for idiots without medical degrees arguing over a deadly virus, it was a cesspool of horrendously-staged videos made for clicks. People will sell their soul to go viral, and faking a prank or staging some dumb frat moment is the No. 1 way to do just that.

What I’m saying is, we’ve reached a point on the internet where many people’s first instinct is “this is fake,” to which others respond “who cares! Just enjoy the video!” To that I’d say: people with integrity care. People who enjoy actual comedy care.

That’s why when something very real and very funny comes along, I have no choice but to tip my cap. This dad’s golf ball prank absolutely passes the smell test, and it should be praised accordingly:

Very seldom do you get the perfect storm of dad, golf and a quality prank all in one video. That’s exactly what this is, and it should go directly to the Dad Golf Prank Hall of Fame. First ballot. Unanimous selection.

I need to know how often this dad does this. First time? Second? Third? 10th? If it’s multiple, this must have been the first time it was filmed, or the first time he stuck with the prank all the way through and got a genuine reaction from the guy who hit the ball. If only we could hear what that poor dude was saying. Well freakin’ done, Dad, well done.