The New York Rangers might never leave the bubble thanks to this sick golf simulator setup

On Monday we got a glimpse of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ hub city hotel floor, which might be better than any home-ice advantage in the NHL. Rolling out the red carpet may have been underselling it.

And yet, while that setup is nice, it pales in comparison to what the New York Rangers got at their hotel on Monday night. Two words: golf simulator.

Playing in New York City, at the most-famous arena in the world, in front of a sellout crowd every night, is pretty awesome. But could anyone blame the Rangers if they stayed in the bubble forever now that they have a golf simulator? We wouldn’t.

This is no ordinary simulator either. It’s one of the best in the business. According to our “Best Golf Simulators” list from 2020, the Foresight Sports’ “Sim-in-a-box” is as top of the line as it gets, starting at $10,150. Hopefully the Rangers don’t get too caught up on this bad boy all week. On Saturday the playoffs begin, and the Rangers will play in the very first game against the Carolina Hurricanes at noon after a fourth-month layoff. Depending on how mentally sharp the Blueshirts look, we'll know just how many virtual rounds they logged at Merion.