Knocking over a fan's beer and replacing it has become the hottest trend in pro sports

December 21, 2021

Exactly one week ago we tipped our cap to Golden State Warriors point guard Gary Payton II, who accidentally knocked over a fan's adult beverage and promptly replaced it. It was one of the most genuine fan-player interactions we've seen in quite some time, and while Payton didn't know it at the time, he may have started a trend.

Like Payton, Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin just happened to be mic'd up for a similar moment, as Larkin skated toward the net with the puck during warmups and fired a backhander on goal. Immediately after, his momentum took him into the boards, where a fan's beer was sitting on the other side of the glass. Obviously, that beer went down and it went down hard. 

After an initial apology through the glass, Larkin realized the error of his ways and repeated to himself "oh no, oh no." A teammate asked him if he knocked the brewski over, and Larkin knew he did. Watch what happens next:

Damn, a 20-spot! We know arena beers are expensive, but we'd imagine they're in the $13-to-$15 range at Little Caesars Arena. Larkin going above and beyond. No wonder he was named captain last year. 

By the way, apropos of nothing, but it remains hilarious how American hockey players like Larkin still manage to sound Canadian. Of course, being from Michigan, Larkin is close to the Canadian border, so his case is a little different. But watch any of those hockey slang/cliche videos and you'll find that all these guys talk exactly the same no matter where they are from. That would also explain why they're all so polite, as Larkin proves here.