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Party Foul

Gary Payton II knocks over fan's adult beverage, gets him another, can party with us any day of the week

December 14, 2021

Gary Payton, AKA The Glove, was known as a world-class defender and one of the great trash-talkers in NBA history. His son, Gary Payton II, may very well be a solid smack-talker himself, but based off this fan interaction from Monday night, it's clear Payton II has a much softer side than his father.

During the fourth quarter of the Warriors' second straight road game, this one in Indiana against the Pacers, Payton appeared to be resting against a wall separating the Golden State bench and the front row of fans. On accident, Payton knocked over the fan's adult beverage, a common occurrence at NBA games for fans in the front row. 

Normally, when such a party foul is committed at a NBA game, we rarely get to see if the fan's adult beverage is replaced. But Payton happened to be mic'd up for this moment, and judging off how he handled it, the kid was raised right:

It's a simple gesture, sure, but one that's still really cool to see given how seldom simple gestures between fellow humans occur in 2021. It takes very, very little to be kind to someone, as Payton shows here. Knock over the Truly, replace the Truly. Payton can party with us any day of the week.  

P.S. - A Truly? C'mon, man.