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Natty Light launch new strawberry-lemonade beer with craziest Peyton Manning golf story ever

February 25, 2019

Big news out of the college beer world today, where Natural Light—AKA "Natty Light" in case you forgot, which is very possible if you drink enough Natty Light—have announced a brand-new strawberry-lemonade party beer, fittingly dubbed Naturdays. Now if you'll excuse for just one sec...


So anyway, as we were say—OH GOD IT'S COMING UP AGAIN.

/content/dam/images/golfdigest/unsized/2019/02/25/5c7417264b4c60592428032c_giphy (2).gif

OK, phew, much better now. Unfortunately, however, the nausea didn't have us hallucinating. Natty Light are totally, officially branching into the fruity beer market with their first-ever "sessionable light lager brewed with phenomenal strawberry lemonade flavor" designed with "all-day refreshment in mind." In a move of sheer marketing genius, the brew, which comes housed in a pink can all-over printed with flamingos, is available nationwide just in time for Spring Break.

Helping to launch the nightmare elixir is punter-turned-podcast personality Pat McAfee, who stars in "Red 18," a genuinely hilarious yarn about his favorite "Naturday" ever—a last-second golf trip with Peyton Manning that yielded not only the craziest roulette bet of all-time, but bonafide legend status for ol' #18. Seriously you have to hear this to believe this, and even then you still might not.

As if that weren't enough, Natty Light will also be splattering their Naturdays livery all over the JTG Daugherty #37 car for the Las Vegas 400. Sure, it's not Corey LaJoie's literal grill, but we have to admit it's about as chill as 200 mph can possibly look.


Anyway, if you can stomach it, pick up a case of Naturdays at participating gas stations and mini-marts, presumably with your roommate's older brother's expired ID.