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Nate Robinson and Big Baby Davis star in basketball highlight of the summer (no, it's not 2009)

August 12, 2019
BIG3 - Week Eight - Miami

Mike Ehrmann

How do you get your summer basketball fix? WNBA? G-League? The Basketball Tournament? Do you let the dulcet tones of Woj's voice lull you into a sweet, sound slumber until October? Well, if you answered any of the above, you're doing it wrong, because as this absolutely electrifying, impossibly hilarious highlight of two of the NBA's most lovable stars of yesteryear, Nate Robinson and Glen (Big Baby) Davis, going toe-to-toe on a game-deciding possession proves, there is but one correct answer:

Big3, baby.

This is the best game-winner we've seen since Dame wiped Oklahoma City off the basketball map. With the game on the line, poor Big Baby gets switched onto Robinson at the top of the arc. In the span of about three seconds, Big Baby ends up flat on his stomach, scrambles back to his feet and stumbles into Robinson, who he plucks out of mid-air like a frisbee as the diminutive PG's game-winning trey banks home. Robinson is then ferried safely into arms of his teammates for the requisite celebration.

It's worth noting that less than a decade ago, Robinson was doing this ...

... while Big Baby had just sent Darko back to the apple farm for good.

Robinson's Tri-State is 3-4 on the season, but Father Time remains undefeated.