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Nate Robinson looks like he could still win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

October 11, 2018

Good news, everyone! Nate Robinson is still alive! And he can still dunk with the best of them!

Nate The Great sure looks like he's primed to win a fourth NBA Slam Dunk Contest, huh? Of course, that would require him actually being in the NBA, but details, details. . .

Sadly, it's been more than eight years since Robinson won the last of his record three Dunk titles (Yes, that includes that year he was allowed about 100 attempts. C'mon, he's 5-foot-9!) and nearly three years since he played his most recent NBA game. After playing in Israel, the D-League, and Venezuela, Robinson signed a contract in August to play in Lebanon.

The former two-sport star at the University of Washington also had an unsuccessful tryout with the Seattle Seahawks since his last NBA stint, and according to his Wikipedia page, opened a chicken and waffles restaurant in his native Seattle area. But he's still only 34. And he still has his legendary hops. Hopefully, an NBA GM notices.