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Dog "throws" perfect alley-oop to slam dunk champ, is the real-life Air Bud

October 10, 2018

I never saw Air Bud, I never had interest in seeing Air Bud, and now there's an even better chance that I'll never see Air Bud. Why? Because there's no way he's got anything on a dog named Koa.

Check out this video posted by former college basketball player Maxwell Pearce, who played at Purchase College and was a semifinalist in the 2018 ESPN College Basketball Slam Dunk Contest, in which he throws down a windmill jam off a perfect alley-oop pass from this German sheperd with exquisite court vision. After the two exchanged high fives/paws before and after, of course.

Look at that touch! Chris Paul couldn't have set up Pearce any better.

If you're an NBA player planning on participating in February's Slam Dunk Contest, how do you not contact Koa? Talk about a surefire way to win over the judges. Even that stingy Dr. J.