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NASCAR driver loses almost 10 pounds during single race, no Keto required

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Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem. The TB12 Method, and the George Foreman Grill diet. Drinking avocado and grilling water. If you're serious about dropping pounds and getting Shredded™, there's no shortage of ways to go about it. Short of semi-legal diet pills long-haul truckers pop to stay awake at night, however, there's no more efficient method than sitting behind the wheel of a 130-degree car hurling around a tarmac oval at 175 mph for four straight hours. Just ask NASCAR wheelman Matt DiBenedetto, who apparently shed nearly 10 pounds over the course of a single race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend:

Like much of the Northeast, New Hampshire was slammed with a very un-New-Hampshire-like heatwave on Sunday, with air temps at green flag reading a piccante 94 degrees and on-track temps climbing close to 130. NASCAR drivers typically prepare for grueling summer races by packing on a substantial amount of water weight, which they then shed over the course of a race via a combination of profuse sweating and adult diapers (allegedly). Even so, a nearly 10-pound difference over the course of 301 laps is still pretty mind-boggling, especially considering that last time we drove 300 miles, we put on 10 pounds in beef jerky weight.

Obviously stories like this help to drive another coffin nail in the tired "NaScAR dRiVErS ArEn'T aThLeTeS" debate, proving that it can be one of the most grueling challenges in organized sports (just imagine the doing fighter jet barrel rolls in a downtown traffic jam for about as long as it takes to watch the "Return of the King" director's cut and you're on the right track.)

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