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Move over, Phil Mickelson, Ho Sung Choi has the best self logo in golf now—and it's on his golf bag

February 06, 2019

Phil Mickelson's "Jump" logo has been present on his golf clothes for two years, and we put the word "Jump" in quotation marks for two reasons.

1.) We don't know what else to call it.
2.) Calling his reaction to winning the 2004 Masters a "jump" is, well, a leap in itself.

Regardless, it's a great logo because it's unique and recognizable, while also being funny. But it's not the best logo in golf anymore. That honor now officially (OK, so we're not sure how official these rankings are) goes to Ho Sung Choi, who will show off his trademark whirling golf swing and golf bag depicting said trademark whirling golf swing for the first time on the PGA Tour at this week's Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Have a look at this beauty, courtesy of golf writer Evan Priest:

Talk about a work of art.

It took Choi, 45, a long time to make his PGA Tour debut, but now that he's here, he's going all in on the unorthodox followthrough that has made him an Internet sensation. At his Tuesday press conference at Pebble Beach, he was happy to demonstrate his "Fisherman" swing and said of Aaron Rodgers, whom he and teammate Chris O'Donnell are partnered with the first three rounds, "From what I know, he is the greatest football player in the U.S."

Maybe so, Ho Sung. But when it comes to the greatest logo on a golf bag this week, the two-time NFL MVP has nothing on the two-time Japan Golf Tour winner.