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This Ho Sung Choi quote will probably trigger the entire New England Patriots fanbase

February 06, 2019
SMBC Singapore Open - Round Three

Suhaimi Abdullah

Judging by the reaction to everything he does, it's fair to say that the golf world will be pulling hard for Ho Sung Choi this week as he makes his PGA Tour debut in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Sure, there are the outliers (as is tradition) who will want to see him fail because they cannot stand anything that even slightly resembles "fun." But the rest of us will be rooting for Choi as he hopefully leg-kicks his way to an appearance at the top of the leader board. Well, the rest of us except New England.

Why is that, you ask? How could anyone in New England possibly not enjoy life this week? Their Patriots just won a sixth Super Bowl since 2000, defying enormous odds as one of the preseason Super Bowl favorites and sticking it in that ESPN's guys face whose job is to say really stupid things like the "Patriots are done." Why on earth would they turn on Choi, a lovable underdog just like their Pats?

Well, Choi unknowingly may have taken a shot at New England's lord and savior Tom Brady on Tuesday during his press conference. The 45-year-old, two-time winner on the Japan Golf Tour was asked if he knew who Aaron Rodgers was, to which he responded:

"From what I know, he is the greatest football player in the U.S."

Woooo boy. Ho-sung doesn't know it, but he just gained an extremely loud and obnoxious enemy in the top right corner of America. You don't just say that the far-more talented, rocket-armed Aaron Rodgers is better than system-quarterback and checkdown gawd Tom Brady and get away with it. If Pats fans recover from drunkenly kicking the sh*t out of each other at the parade anytime soon, Choi is in big trouble.

Fittingly, Choi will be playing in the same group as Rodgers this week, a move that appeared to be in the works last month when Rodgers lobbied to play with "the Fisherman" on Twitter. He got his wish, as Rodgers and partner Jerry Kelly will begin their week on Thursday at Monterey Peninsula CC alongside Choi and actor Chris O'Donnell. Talk about a power grouping.

Choi's take on the best player in the NFL wasn't the only gem from his Tuesday press conference either. Here's what he had to say about some of his body english on the putting surface:

"I know sometimes after I’ve hit the ball I sometimes will the ball to go in the hole and in my mind I feel like that helps the ball go in the hole, so I’m going to keep doing that this week. And I feel like in my mind the way I move my body, sometimes it feels like have I remote control that wills the ball to go in the hole, so I’m going to keep doing that, because I feel like it helps.”

Thursday can't get here soon enough.