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The 'more cowbell' guy from Mississippi State won the college football weekend despite being two weeks late on Halloween

November 14, 2022

At a Mississippi State home game, the name of the game is quite literally "more cowbell." One could argue there is simply too much cowbell, making for an often impossibly annoying environment to play in even for a top-ranked team like Georgia.

Somehow, though, one fan managed to deliver MORE cowbell on Saturday evening in Starkville, and there was already PLENTY of cowbell. But when Bruce Dickinson asks for some more cowbell ... well, you know the drill by now:


Man, very few sketches make you laugh the exact same way on the 1,000th watch as you did on the first watch. A true GOAT. Shoutout to that Mississippi State fan, who won the college football weekend, for an A+++ costume. Hopefully nobody told him Halloween was two weeks ago. Way funnier if he woke up from a multi-week bender and just assumed it was October 31.

Helmet Stickers

(In this section, we give out Helmet Stickers to those who *almost* won the college football weekend)

Five helmet stickers: The guy who made the greatest NSFW College GameDay sign ever

Perfect. No notes.

Four helmet stickers: Marvin Harrison Jr. (and mostly this photographer)

If you did not see the Marvin Harrison Jr. catch from Saturday in Columbus, do yourself a favor and press play on this unbelievable high-wire act:

Naturally, this brought out the "NOT A CATCH AT THE NEXT LEVEL" people, who are 100 percent correct. This is not a catch in the NFL. The thing is, this is a college football game, so it was a catch, you effing idiots. Please, please stop trying to poke holes in everything. Absolutely miserable existence.

ANYWHO ... As good as the catch was, this photo of it was even better:

Let's just hope Harrison Jr. learns to get two feet in at the next level, otherwise he's going nowhere in life.

Three helmet stickers: Cadillac Williams

If I can fanboy out for a second, Carnell "Cadillac" Williams was one of my all-time favorites growing up not only for his five-star nickname but for his five-star talent. If you have a copy of NCAA Football 2004 lying around, you should put it in and play with Auburn's two-headed monster of Cadillac and Ronnie Brown and try to rush for 1,000 yards in the game. Them and Minnesota's one-two punch of Marion Barber III and Laurence Maroney were borderline Barry-Sanders-Madden-2000-level unstoppable in those games. It's wild to now see him as interim head coach at Auburn, and it also makes me feel incredibly old.

In just two games, he's seemingly reinvigorated the program, the Tigers taking Mississippi State to overtime in Starkville last week and then beating Texas A&M at home on Saturday night for Williams' first head-coaching win. He made sure to drink it allllllll the way in afterward:

Just a wild scene for a team that's 4-6. Next up is Western Kentucky, then Alabama. If the Tigers somehow pull off a 2-0 sweep with an Iron Bowl win and make a bowl game, I'm not sure how Auburn could not name Cadillac permanent HC on the spot.

Two helmet stickers: Mount Union

The Purple Raiders, a Division III powerhouse, preserved an undefeated season, its fifth since 2012, with this remarkable Hail Mary in the snow against some school named Baldwin and Wallace:

You can practice and preach "knock it down" all spring and all summer and even during the season and still get miracle'd like this. What an unbelievably brutal way to lose.

One helmet sticker: Scotty Walden, the best kind of Hardo

Scotty drinks the coffee of LIFE.

Zero helmet stickers: James Franklin, the worst kind of Hardo

I don't know if you heard him counting but he was doing over 1,000.

Minus-two helmet stickers: Ohhhh no Sark baby what is you doin'

You cannot, under any circumstances, wear this jacket and then score three offensive points at HOME. It simply cannot happen.

Minus-three helmet stickers: This loser ref

What's annoying about this one is the referee had reason to throw the flag, just much earlier when the UC Davis wide receiver was actually taunting the defender and waving at him. It was only after he NAILED that Michael Jackson impersonation that the flag was then thrown. If you're going to throw it for taunting, throw it for the actual taunt. Not for that A+ "SHAMONEYYY, HEEEE HEEEEEEEE."

Minus-1 million helmet stickers: Dan Lanning

If you missed the wild ending of the Washington-Oregon game late Saturday evening, here's all you need to see - with the game tied 34-34 and less than two minutes remaining, Ducks first-hear head coach Dan Lanning had his offense go for it on 4th and 1 at their OWN 35-yard line, with a backup quarterback in the game:

Making matters worse was the fact that an injured Bo Nix was campaigning to get back on the field for this play, and Lanning had two timeouts. Everyone in the stadium would have understood him wasting one here in order to get the best player on his team on the field for the biggest play of the game, but Lanning let it ride:

Here's the deal: I don't even hate the uber-aggressive call. In fact, I love it. Oregon converts here and they pretty much control the rest of the game if they want to. Couple more first downs, some conservative play calling, and suddenly they are kicking a field goal as time expires to win. Punt the ball back to Washington and now they control how the game ends. That's the argument for going for it here. Get the first down, and it's your game to win. But the actual play call itself - a run out of shotgun in a short-yardage situation - sucked, and to roll with it without your starting QB who is begging to get on the field sucks even worse. Add in the fact this will now cost them a chance at the College Football Playoff, and potentially the PAC-12 title game, and you're now in the conversation for dumbest move of the year. With UCLA's stunning loss to Arizona, the PAC-12's only hope now is USC, which means the Trojans will likely lose to UCLA next week as the PAC-12 loves nothing more than to eat itself.