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MMA fighter says what's up to 50 Cent mid-pin, obviously wins by TKO

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We here at Loop HQ live for a good power move. Tiger showing up to Bellerive dressed like the Terminator. Bryce Harper batflipping D.C. out of existence. The best darts celebration ever. Shoot them all directly into our veins. Thankfully for us, a new contender stepped into the, er, octagon this weekend when Bellator MMA featherweight Tywan Claxton noticed 50 Cent sitting cage-side mid-pin and stoped elbowing his opponent in the face just long enough to say what's up. Give this man all the belts.

It probably goes without saying, but Claxton went on defeat James Bennett by third-round TKO after his little chat with 50 Cent. While this stunt might smack of hubris, Claxton was humble post-fight, saying of Bennett, "I was like, ‘Expletive, when is he gonna give up?' He’s a warrior. My hat’s off to him, and much respect. Just look at his face. Both of his eyes are almost swollen shut. I don’t know how he kept fighting. That’s a tough man right there.” #Humblebrag

50 Cent meanwhile seemed just as amused with the interaction as we are, saying that he loves Bellator MMA because "They're killers!" (and probably hooked him up with those seats) while also coining Claxton's new catchphrase, "GET THE STRAP!" All in all, not a bad Saturday night in the realm of men beating the living bejesus out of each other.