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Terence Crawford retains welterweight title with massive uppercut to the groin

Terence Crawford v Amir Khan

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If you spent the weekend clinging to a bottle of wine at the in-laws and/or re-watching the Masters alone with the shades drawn, you missed another pretty crazy weekend in the wide, wild world of sports. The NHL coughed up two game 7s, Russ went full Russ, and the human highlight reel known as Ramon Laureano turned one of the wackiest double plays you will ever witness. The must-see moment of the weekend, however, happened on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, where Terence Crawford faced Amir Khan with the WBO Welterweight title on the line. Everyone expected Crawford to win—and he did—but it's the how that's of note here.

Early in the 6th round, with the fight clearly going his way, Crawford unleashed a flaming Dragon Ball Z punch to Khan's nether realm in what has to be the single most painful highlight lowlight in recent memory. For the love of everything holy, somebody get this man a bag of frozen peas.

To make matters worse for Khan, he was unable to continue after the low blow, and Crawford was awarded the win by TKO in the 6th round. Fans were unhappy, raining boos raining down from the MSG rafters (which have heard more than their fair share over the course of the past decade), but the shot simply ushered in the inevitable: Another Crawford win.

After the fight, Khan took a few more blows to the ol' family jewel chest from both Crawford and the boxing media alike, who straight-up accused Khan of quitting on the fight. Needless to say, freezer veggies won't help these burns...