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Ramon Laureano is now a part owner of the Boston Red Sox after his latest ROCKET to get a runner at third

On Wednesday we praised Oakland Athletics outfielder Ramon Laureano for his latest heat-seeking missile from center to get Xander Bogaerts out at third base. It's one of many throws that Laureano added to his already legendary huge highlight reel despite the fact he didn't start playing in the MLB until last August. It also wasn't the first time he had gunned down a Boston Red Sox runner on the basepaths in their early-season series, and it wasn't the last either.

On Thursday, once again in the top of the ninth, this time with a four-run lead, Boston was threatening to start a rally. Leadoff hitter Mookie Betts reached on a walk, bringing left fielder Andrew Benintendi to the plate with no outs. Benintendi blooped one into center field that dropped in between Laureano and A's shortstop Marcus Semien. "This could be trouble," was how the A's broadcaster described it, and it was, as Mookie rounded second and started hustling to third to get in better scoring position.

Betts must have forgotten about Laureano, who is now a part owner of the Red Sox after gunning down another one of Boston's star players at third with this absolute ROCKET, killing any hope of a comeback:

This guy is unreal. He's yet to meet a throw he won't not only try, but execute. Honestly, the most shocking part of this one was that it took one hop and was a little off line instead of being right on third baseman Matt Chapman's glove. Great play by Chapman to scoop and tag, bad play by Betts to test Laureano. Jump on the bandwagon now folks, this kid is a STUD. I've got a feeling a lot of runners at second base are going to be held up at third on base hits to center field when they play the A's this season, and that's a huge weapon to have in your outfield. All hail Ramon "The Rocket" Laureano, aka Laser Ramon aka the human highlight reel.