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Deontay Wilder punches ESPN mascot, "accidentally" shatters his jaw

October 15, 2018
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If you're not already acquainted with Deontay Wilder, there's a few things you should know: He's 40-0 with 39 KOs. He's held the WBC Heavyweight belt since 2015. He's has the ferocity of young Tyson. He's nine inches taller than young Tyson. He's pound for pound the scariest fighter in the game and has gone on record saying he wants "a body" on his record. We tell you all of this because Deontay Wilder is a fighter—just like Crawford, Joshua, and Lomachenko—you should know, but also because on Friday, while on the set of ESPN Deportes's ‘Nacion, he tee'd up an innocent mascot with a haymaker...and allegedly shattered his jaw. In other news, water is wet and if you mess with a bull, you eventually get the horns:

According to some reports, he didn't know there was an actual person inside the sombrero-sporting Marlboro pack, but given, oh I don't know, the life-like movement of the extremities and Wilder's whole desire-to-kill-a-human-being-with-his-fists-thing, well, let's just say we have some pretty real doubts about that. Most of the blame lies with ESPN producers, however, who thought letting a man who literally concusses people for a living get a pot shot at some poor intern in a foam suit was a good idea. Obviously it wasn't, as evidenced by the exploding costume eye socket (and actual human jaw)...


Wilder has since apologized, disputed claims that he didn't know there was person behind the mustachioed mask, and invited the victim to his December 1st bout with walking, talking Twitter egg Tyson Fury. Here's hoping Staples Center serves apple sauce...