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This supercut of umpire Doug Edding's 29-blown-call night is the most thrilling episode of the Ump Show yet

The Ump Show is the hottest reality TV series on the planet. Seemingly each and every night a new episode drops, following MLB’s motley crew of umpires as they get up to all sort of hi-jinx, tossing players, catching foul tips off the cup, and, of course, everybody’s favorite, blowing strike call after call. But Tuesday’s night episode might have been the best yet, when umpire Doug Edding settled in behind the plate for Blue Jays-White Sox and proceeded to call statistically the worst game of the season. If you still have this sitting on your DVR waiting for you, SPOILER ALERT.

What a thrill ride … if you’re not a Blue Jays fan that is. Also keep in mind that’s just eight of the 29 pitches—including six botched strikeouts—that Edding missed on Tuesday. But as any Ump Show superfan can tell you, Edding’s marquee night behind the plate was nothing new. Where you and I see a strike zone, Edding sees an empty canvas longing for a brush.

Classic Doug, you guys. Here's Tuesday's Ump Scorecard if you're in the mood for some light reading.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have to get caught up on the final season of Angel Hernandez’s spinoff, Better Call Angel. We hear it’s a BANGER.