Enough Is Enough

Kyle Schwarber, like all of us, finally had enough of Angel Hernandez's s---

Last week, we brought you the absolutely shocking baseball news that infamous umpire Angel Hernandez actually got a call correct. Granted, it was at first base and not from behind the plate, and it probably wasn't really necessary, but it felt OK to let Hernandez have one for once.

It took Hernandez just five short days to remind us that ... yup, he still stinks at his job. Per the Umpire Auditor, a Twitter account with over 60,000 followers that keeps track of every bad call on a given day in baseball, Hernandez, who was behind the plate for the Philadelphia Philles vs. Milwaukee Brewers game on Sunday Night Baseball, was the lowest-rated umpire of the day. Keep in mind, it's a bit of an arbitrary "rating" since there is no set strike zone every single game and there is still a human element to umping. Still, no one is going to disagree when it calls out Hernandez's performance.

Phillies slugger Kyle Schwarber had finally had enough of Hernandez's s--- when, in the bottom of the ninth, the umpire rung him up on a low fastball outside the zone that probably should have been ball four, but was also a little too close to take on Schwarber's part. That said, Schwarber's anger was obviously aimed at Hernandez's entire night, and he got his money's worth:

Again, it's a 1-0 game, so Schwarber is just trying to get on base, likely get pinch run for, keep the line moving and try to tie up the game, but that's one you probably have to swing at. But nobody is blaming Schwarber for losing his marbles anyway. Getting tossed when the game is all but over anyway was definitely worth it. Here was a particularly bad strike call with the bases loaded from the fifth inning:

The Philles, as you may have guessed, lost 1-0. After the game, one fan waited for Hernandez to exit the ballpark and went full Philly on his ass. Check out the hilarious clip:

Incredible. Credit to Hernandez for smiling and waving. True IDGAF energy we can all get behind, even if the guy keeps missing call after call, year after year.