Good, You Can Count

Ump tries to excitedly ring up Albert Pujols on strike two (!!) in most ump move imaginable, promptly pays for it

Often times when we rag on umpires and referees, we take for granted how difficult of a job they have. Fans expect perfection out of officials and that's simply not fair in the four major sports, which all move at an unbelievably fast pace.

But when you screw up the most basic of rules and/or calls, we're left with no choice but to clown on 'em. That's exactly what one behind-the-dish umpire did on Tuesday night in Tampa Bay, where the Rays welcomed in the visiting St. Louis Cardinals. In the top of the fourth inning, Cardinals legend Albert Pujols worked the count to 1-1 and received a fastball right down the middle from Rays left-hander Jeffrey Springs. Easy strike two call, right?

Wrong! The umpire excitedly rang Pujols up, doing his best "HYYYEEEEEE" punch-out in the slugger's grill. Thankfully, Pujols, who can count, notified the ump it was only strike two:

Whoops! To the ump's credit, he realized he was wrong, accepted blame and Pujols got back in the box. He then promptly made history:

Boom, roasted. Life comes at ya fast. Etc. Etc.